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What the search engines use to decide who ranks where on their search results page.
The basis of search engine optimization is the terms that you want to optimize your website for. These terms are called Keywords or Keyword Phrases.
Landing Pages
These are the pages that your PPC ads and organic search listings point to. Landing pages are extremely important to converting visitors into sales and/or clients. Proper setup and layout of these pages is critical to your conversion rate.
Link Bait
A term used to describe an article, blog post, or information on a website that will attract other people to link to that information from their websites or posts.
Link Building
The process of trying to aquire links from other websites to your own.
Term used to describe how a website can come up in the unpaid listings of the search engines.
Pay-Per-Click. A method of bidding on specific keywords to drive traffic to your website.
An automated program that is setup to carry out a certain function such as grabbing information from a website.
Return on Investment. How much you spend on advertising vs how much you make on that form of advertising.
Search Engine Optimization. The process of making a website as readible to the search engines as possible and promoting it to get more exposure and drive more traffic.
A tool used by the search engines to "view" your website and gather information about it.

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