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At Ignite we realize that not every website needs ecommerce or special programming. We understand that some websites are there to inform or generate leads. However, we also know that a standard website deserves just as much attention to detail and understanding of your product/service to build properly. We don’t cut any corners when it comes to building you a website that you can be proud to send people to.

What is a standard website?

A standard website is one that is made up of simple html/asp/php pages that do not require the use of a database, ecommerce, or custom programming of any kind. Standard websites are what the internet started with! This is when websites were more of an online version of a company’s catalog rather than an interactive tool.

Standard websites are still useful today. Certain companies or industries are so custom that their website serves more of an informational purpose then a purchasing or quoting agent. Many service industries find that a standard website gives their potential customers/clients enough information to place a call or send an email for more information.

Not sure if your site is standard?

If you aren’t sure what direction your website is, let Ignite help you. We’ll be honest and straightforward and let you know right away if we feel you would fit better into the standard website or if you need additional programming or ecommerce

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